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She needs Out of the INbox!

She needs Out of the INbox!

The mission of Out of the INbox is to protect our clients’ assets through organization and oversight.

Think of the money that can be lost in late fees and overdraft charges. What would it cost if you found out too late that your insurance policies lapsed? Some people have lost their homes when they unknowingly did not pay their taxes. It pays to stay organized. Organization helps to protect your assets by ensuring that your bills, insurance policies and property taxes are paid on time. No unhappy surprises! Organization also makes income tax time a breeze.

Oversight is now more important than ever. Identity theft protection (which we highly recommend) can protect your bank accounts, but we add an extra level of protection by checking your credit card accounts and bills for accuracy. We also inform you of the latest scams and can advise you on how not to be a victim. We don’t guarantee that you won’t be scammed (scammers are cooking up new scams everyday) but you can lessen that probability.

We also oversee more than just your financials. We regularly visit you at your home so we check on you and your house. Some of our clients are no longer able to go to their basement or second floor so we do a quick inspection to ensure that a little problem doesn’t have time to develop into a big one.


Karen for web3 About Karen Walker – Owner and President

Karen’s background is in technical training development – researching and systematizing various processes. When her mother broke her wrist and had to move to PA to be closer to her, she experienced first hand the many pressures and problems facing seniors. Using her training development skills, she researched the daily money management field and developed a system that is efficient, accountable and confidential.  Karen continually strives to learn how to do things better. Karen is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and a member of the Ellwood City Chamber of Commerce.

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??????????????????????????????? About Jeffrey Walker – Vice-President

Jeff Walker loves seniors. He has spent over twenty five years taking care of their homes and gardens. After taking on the oversight of his elderly mother’s bills and paper work, Jeff saw the immense need for daily money management services for seniors. Combining his knack for financial affairs and his love for seniors, Jeff can make what was once a stressful time for you more like visiting with an old friend.