Our Services

We can help YOU out?

It’s about YOU.

Are you:

  • Overwhelmed with bills and paperwork since your spouse died?papers whiter
  • Worried about keeping your household afloat during an illness?
  • Concerned about a loved one’s ability to keep up with their bills?
  • Snowed under with mail, bills and paperwork?
  • Downsizing your files and wondering what to pitch?
  • Wondering how your family will handle your affairs if you have an emergency?
  • Wanting to retire from the relentless paperwork?
  • Apprehensive about negotiating with creditors or appealing a medical charge?
  • Afraid of losing your independence?


We tailor a solution just for YOU.

Our Process

We begin with a free consultation at your home to determine your needs and desires. We mail you our proposal. Feel free to review this with your loved ones. Once everyone is agreed, we come to your house to have you sign the contract and to begin our services.  We will spend a minimum of two hours at your home every one or two weeks.


Our Services

What we do:Lady with thumbs up

  • Sort mail
  • Prepare checks for you to sign
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Review credit card statements and other bills for accuracy
  • Organize and maintain files
  • Gather information needed in emergencies
  • Assist with medical bills and insurance paperwork
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Organize information for tax return preparation
  • Prepare and deliver bank deposits or withdrawals
  • Set up automatic payments and deposits with your permission
  • Alert you to the latest scams


Other Services We Provide

We can also:

  • Photograph your household inventory
  • Review your utilities, phone and TV providers to ensure you are getting the best deals
  • Help you downsize by listing your items on Ebay
  • Escort you to doctor’s appointments to take notes concerning any medical issues